Meet Brett Harriman 12

Brett Harriman grew up in the seaside town of Dana Point, California, and was fortunate enough to have parents who dragged their kids with them everywhere they went, including on overseas vacations. Thus, the travel bug kicked in early.
Brett’s inspiration comes from his love of travel. He has driven across America, trekked around Australia, and explored Europe extensively. Brett lived in Australia for a decade and then in Europe for five years, where he was an official tour guide for the U.S. Armed Forces in Germany. In that role, Brett escorted more than 10,000 servicemen and women and their families through many historically rich cities, towns, villages and Alpine hamlets. In 2011, for all his hard work, Brett was selected by the president of the Oktoberfest to represent the USA in Munich, Germany during the world-famous festival.

When Brett is not in Europe sleuthing out the latest travel information or leading a tour, he spends his time in Pahrump (55 miles west of Las Vegas), Nevada, where his parents have retired and he finds serene sanctuary to compile and compose his travel book series, publishing business, and tour packages.

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12 thoughts on “Meet Brett Harriman

  • Sava Forry

    Brett, I am trying to sign up for the octoberfest 18-21 but I can’t seem to do it online. Let me know how I can put down the deposit of 200.00. I am friend of Kent and Patty Kirby and would like to be with them on this adventure.

  • Sue

    Hi brett,
    Six of us are planning to go to Oktoberfest the second week, sept 29 for two nights. A friend from our German society, Kolping, told us about your travel agency. We are looking for airfare into Munich and out of Rome. We would also like to get some hoffbrau haus tent tickets for the fest. Can you help?

  • Leslie

    Hi Brett,

    We are 3 or 4
    ladies interested in opening weekend package for Oktoberfest 2018.

    We are interested and staying longer, probably a week, can you help with additional accommodations or recommendations. If there are only three of us, could we stay in one room in one of the nearby hotels? Thanks for any info

  • Samuel Brooks

    Hello? I am interested in a package for 9/23-9/25. However I have friends who are coming and have booked the whole package hotel and Oktoberfest! I am inteeretsed in just the Oktoberfest portion if possible. What would be the price for a solo entrance for your package to Oktoberfest please? I know they booked the hotel and escort and Oktoberfest package. I would just like to join I. The festivities as I have accommodations from family in the area ? The friend whom has booked is David Milsap of that helps

  • Linda. Welker

    Can you give me an example of a hotel that is included in an Oktoberfest package please? We are thing of the 9/24 to 9/26 package. Thank you

    • Brett Harriman Post author

      Hi Linda,
      Thank you for your message. Not long now – 43 days until the tapping of OKTOBERFEST 2016 in Munich, Germany!
      Regarding the hotel, I purposely don’t publish its name for reasons of keeping secrets of the trade secret (it’s that ideal of a place). The property is modern, clean, non-smoking, situated within Munich Old Town, only a 7-minute walk from Marienplatz (Mary’s Square, the heart of Munich), and one subway stop from the Oktoberfest fairgrounds (or within a 15-min walk – I usually walk). So, to say the least, it’s very convenient. Additionally, the 3.5 star hotel has free Wi-Fi Internet throughout the property. So, Linda, you see why I can’t readily publish the hotel’s name or I’d be lucky to get reservations there myself in the future. (If you join our tour-package, I will be happy to impart the hotel’s name and Web address. Moreover, to give a better idea of the hotel’s favorability, reviewers on TripAdvisor rank it within the top 30 hotels in Munich out of some 395 🙂 That’s pretty darn good!
      Also, when you’re planning your itinerary, keep in mind that your package includes the following free consultation (see link). If you plan to rent a car, allow me to give you a quote as I can usually match or beat the competition.
      Please email or phone me with any further questions you may have, any time, as I’m always available for my valued guests.
      Hope to see you in Munich, Germany for the best of Oktoberfest.
      Brett Harriman

  • Karin Greaney

    Hi! My husband and I are very interested in visiting Getmrmany during the Oktoberfest with tent seating and behind the scene tours but we are also interested in seeing the castles and Black Forest and other interesting sites besides having down time to do our own exploring! Thinking about staying for 2 weeks! Have anything that applies to our schedule? And I’m hoping for guided tours & transport to all sites!

    • Brett Harriman Post author

      Hi Karin! Love your plan to piggyback Ludwig’s castles, the Black Forest and other regional sites with Oktoberfest in Munich. Two weeks will be plenty of time to see it all, and more! I’ll email your private address and we’ll tailor your itinerary from there. Kindly, Brett Harriman