Create your own Oktoberfest package

In addition to Brett’s Oktoberfest packages published on this site and his boutique European packages published on his eponymous site here, Harriman also offers custom-designed tour programs for private groups as well as exclusive packages for small parties.

Celebrate the ultimate birthday with friends, wedding reception, anniversary, or executive party in Munich, Germany, Europe!

Contact Brett with your request. Let him know how many people are in your group, when you’d like to go, what you’re interested in, and he will do his best to make it happen, i.e. do the heavy lifting. Instant Oktoberfest or Euro tour, e.g. Scotland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Netherlands. But know the sooner you reach out to Brett the better chance he has to produce results, for example tables and accommodations book up early.

(Fill out the form below or call Brett direct-Nevada-USA: +1-775-513-3247.)


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